Magister organized a internship for me, working in a Sea Point school in Cape Town. I taught sex education and AIDS awareness in the high school and held some one-on-one English literacy sessions It was undoubtedly the most challenging and satisfying work I’ve done in my life. The things the kids came out with were hilarious, or shocking, or sometimes very touching. On the whole it made me see Cape Town from a very different perspective. I became good friends with my co-workers at the school. The guys I lived with in Perspectives were amazing. Magister equips you with a fantastic work and social life so you’re confident to go out and embrace South Africa!

Diana D. UK

I do live very close to the German border, and I do speak German. Luckily!!!! got across of Magister by previous Germans. Don’t understand why Netherlands doesn’t have the same kind of organisation, representing South Africa. Anyway glad being here, no hassle no worries, hakuna matata (love movies). Magister is on the ball all the time, without them I would at least miss the braais and surfing stuff.

Ewan P. Netherlands

From my first chat with Henry  I knew that Magister and South Africa was exactly what I was looking for – a Cape Town internship experience in which I could not only learn a lot and gain professional experience but also in a place full of culture, history and adventure that I could explore. Professionally, I couldn't have been more pleased with the my internship placement – as it was spot-on my interests and how professional yet easy-going the placement process was. Henry and Nicky and Miriam are so helpful and always around to make your life more easy no matter what your question is – they've turned into quite the travel guides and have a wealth of knowledge of the area. I learned more than I could hope for and made a wonderful work-family over in Cape Town that has left the door open for future employment. If you are looking to gain great experience in your field and to explore a wonderful place then this is it. Hands down. Get on the phone, book your tickets and pack your bags.

Jeuz R. Scottland

I spent two months this summer living and working in Cape Town, all arranged by Magister. I got in at 11pm, and immediately was picked up from the airport, given a South African sim card and taken to prearrange housing. As soon as I got to my flat, it felt like home. My flat mates were incredibly friendly, helped me get set up, and introduced me to the other interns. The next day, my first day in Cape Town, we went surfing, had lunch as a group, and then I was invited to another intern's flat to watch movies. Those first few days were indicative of how my stay in South Africa would be. There was never a dull moment, there were always new people to meet, things to do, new places to see. Magister helped introduce me to life in Cape Town from the night I got off the aeroplane to the day I boarded a bus to Namibia. It is a great program that creates a strong community and I would without hesitation recommend it to anyone considering living or working in Cape Town.

Aline H. USA