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Resource organization

The community resource organization that is aimed at directing resources to under-resourced communities in a sustainable manner. by working through a national grassroots women’s network that organize themselves around a daily savings model designed to form the foundation on which these women grasp their poverty & development issues and are able to identify solutions to the widest range of challenges, and are able to manage their responses to these challenges in a spirit of self reliance. As part of their initiative the organisation has also started a Youth in Sports” project within the St. Martin’s Softball Club. The project engages large numbers of young people in Softball as an alternative to the negative life-styles that swallow up our youth in low-income areas. This project is specifically a youth development programme that includes personal and leadership development, awareness, mentorship and even counceling but takes the form of a sports project because sport is proven to be the best way to engage youth and it is used as a neutral platform to tackle other, life issues affecting our young people.

Students | Volunteers
The need is for interns to get actively involved in coaching and imparting skills to other coaches and should therefore have relevant skills in a field such as Sport-Science or similar fields. The intern would however need to stay for a reasonable length of time, between 2 and 6 months for it to be effective and will receive all the support they need from the rest of the team and local volunteers. The interns will also assist with the planning and managing of sporting events as the organisation is actively involved with other sport clubs. Although your days may be long and exhausting, your reward will far exceed the effort. You will have the opportunity to experience Cape Town through the eyes of the youth, giving you a renewed sense of the best Cape Town has to offer. Your internship with organisation will be both a very, fulfilling, rewarding and challenging experience.

Sport Academy

The Academy, which is recognized and supported by the WPRFU, was established in 2004. It is a private enterprise that specializes in providing practical, in-service training in different facets of rugby. Since entrepreneurial skills are high on the Academy agenda, students also learn how to create work for themselves. Thousands of students all over South Africa have dreams of becoming part of the rugby scene. Now both men and women -who have a passion for rugby, can become part of the Rugby Academy experience. Their approach to rugby is holistic, which means that they prepare their students to provide service of excellence in various fields in the sports and business world. The Rugby Academy Experience is unique in that talented young people are properly supported so that they may develop as balanced young professionals.

Working as an intern at The Academy you will be involved in marketing and sport related tasks. Your internship will be both hands on and office related and you will get excellent training in sport management and administration. This position would suit an energetic person with strong administrative, communication and organisational skills, as you will play a big part in the academy. Lastly, this position calls for a competent motivated individual who will be working in a stimulating work environment that will ensure a successful internship.
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