Speech Therapy Options

Graduated Students as well Professionals

School for disabled

Established in 1954 by the concerned parents of four children, the school was established with a specific focus on children with Cerebral Palsy. Initially, the school was located in a home in Rosebank but through government subsidies and generous financial aid the current premises in Rondebosch were acquired with the official opening on the 7 March 1968. At that time the school also started admitting learners with specific learning disabilities, as no other facility was able to cater for them. A steady annual increase in learner numbers and a growing waiting list necessitated the establishment of a separate High School campus in 1989. This campus is located in Pinelands. From humble beginnings in 1954 with only 4 pupils, 2 teachers, a nursing sister and a physiotherapist, the school has grown to an enrolment of over 420 pupils, some 120 staff members and a full time bus service provided by a fleet of 6 busses. It is a remarkable story of how a need developed into a necessity. the school has 117 staff members, consisting of educators, psychologists, therapists, medical staff, librarians, administration staff, fundraisers, class assistants, estate manager, drivers, cleaners and groundsmen. Of these only fifty-seven (57) staff members are paid by the Government. At the school we provide a wide variety of extra-mural activities including school sports such as soccer, mini-cricket, swimming, hockey etc. Learners are also taken on various cultural outings during the course of the year, and are entertained by groups coming to the school.

As an intern in any the above departments you will work alongside the therapists at the school who complement the work of the teachers. Most children leave their classroom for treatment but Occupational and Speech therapists also conduct weekly group sessions in classrooms, particularly in the lower grades, where developmental needs might be quite similar. Interns assist with both the individual sessions and the weekly group sessions.

Fund Organisation

The organisation is a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children and families affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases. The organisation was founded in 2001 by health care professionals working at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The organisation generate funds to provide grassroots support for children and families facing the challenges of chronic disease. They aim to partner with organisations doing similar work in their region and implement holistic health care interventions, which target the physical, social and developmental needs of our patients. Over the past years they have made an impact on delivery of HIV/AIDS services in the Western Cape province of South Africa. They deliver through innovation, development and implementation of projects in partnership with a number of donors, funding organisations and health care institutions.

Volunteer | Intern
The organisation offer internships and volunteer tasks to dynamic and confident Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy students. You will be based at Groote Schuur Hospital and will be given tasks according to your specific skill set and university requirements on application. You will provide diagnastic and therapeutic services to the children and be supervised in your field.
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