Architecture Projects

Companies and firms located in Cape Town where suitable Students could get involved

Architect firm

The architect firm, Urban Designers and Urban Planners offer a comprehensive service from small scale construction through to urban design and town and regional planning and landscape architecture. Special services include environmental green building design, sustainable development strategic frameworks, urban renewal and urban conservation, renovations, new design and project management projects such as waste water management. The architect firm has dedicated its professional services to the promotion of sustainable development through Architecture, Planning and Urban Design. They consider cological implications of their design from the macro environment to materials, products and systems that are specified in a building/project. The architect firm is able to provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of urban design, city and regional planning and architecture.

Internship Description
As an Architecture student you will be allocated tasks and a project according to that which the company is busy on during the time of your internship. You will be trained in using design solutions that go hand in hand with socially and environmentally responsible construction and operational practices as the architect firm are famous for their sustainable approaches to the environment. This internship will therefore provide you with valuable experience in your field, and enhance your skill level.

Archtect Studio

Archtect Studio is a fully multi-disciplinary unit of the City of Cape Town providing an integrated service for the implementation of capital projects. The unit offers a wide range of professional services. This includes Urban Design, Architectural, Landscape Architecture, Structural and Civil Engineering, Topographical Survey and Quantity Surveying. Archtect Studio’s vision, to be the number one provider of integrated services for capital projects in South Africa, reflects their dedication and striving for service excellence as well as a desire to play an active role in the building of a dignified City for the citizens of Cape Town. Their client's are frequently in-house for whom they manage projects such as development of clinics, swimming pools and community centres in mostly disadvantaged areas.

Internship Tasks
  • Providing a draughting service for the Architectural Division
  • The draughting of concept designs/technical documentation
  • The collation of design data
  • The preparation of presentation material
  • Feedback and interaction with design professionals
  • Support and assistance to the Senior Architect
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