Internships and Volunteering in Cape Town

Cape Town

The sparkling jewel in South Africa's tourist crown, with annually thousands of international students and volunteers regularly wins international travel awards. With a wide variety of attractions, activities and spectacular sights, lots of international companies and repudiated organisations Cape Town has everything you need for a memorable vacation or business travel destination! Choose from a back-to-basics backpacking trip, or a 5-star luxury hotel whirlpool suite, or anywhere in between. Whatever your budget or needs, Cape Town has it. Offering some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, award winning vineyards and farms, and the most breathtaking views, your visit to Cape Town will not soon be forgotten. But even for those on a tight budget, the so-called Mother City is as welcoming as its name

Internships & Volunteering

Are you looking for a challenging internship to enhance your resume or need to gain compulsory international work experience to finish your studies? Perhaps you would like to volunteer in South Africa, learn a new language or just want to experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Cape Town while gaining new skills through completing one of our courses? You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve this, even if you are on a tight budget we will help you to realize your dreams of a trip to South Africa.

About Us

Magister South Africa, a repudiated, registered and since 2000 operating institution based in Cape Town, assists in matching and placing Students and Volunteers from abroad with companies, organizations, schools, university research programs and projects in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Somerset. Beside the suitable position Magister looks after Participants entire stay and assures by regular activities and events that the Student/ Volunteer gets the most out of their stay .
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A lot of effort is put in our large student commune. Setting up regulary events, social activities and meetings. Organizing adventure weekend getaways. Booking descounted tour for all participants. Helping in dairly issues and all little problems.
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About the service and contact with Magister?
»Magister is a very good organisation. I am very satisfied with their service and contact. I didn’t have any problems during my stay, but every time I saw Nicky she told me to contact her if I had any questions or problems. It was good to have someone who showed me around the first day, so you have an idea of your surroundings, any shops around so you can do your shopping’s. And a contact person if you need any help. Very good.
All compliments to Nicky and the students who organised activities!

»Very good, Nicky brought me and another student the first day to our internship company. And she is so nice!!!!! Really helpful and she said that we can always call her no matter what. Further me and my roomies from YPO didn’t do a lot with Magister because we already knew a lot of people here and we wanted to explore Cape Town by ourselves. But they really do a lot of fun things!

How were the practical arrangements managed such as accommodation etc.?
»The house was a very good one!!! Very clean and large bedrooms with a double bed or a single bed. When we arrived the lady of the house was still waiting for us because we had a delay. She explained everything very good and she is a very kind women. Further were the sim cards for the phone, someone from Magister brought that to the house and after that she explained some things from Cape Town, like which cab you should use or were to go or were not to go. I didn’t experience bad things with the arrangement of things.

»Ik ben heel tevreden over Magister. De eerste ontmoeting met Nicky voelde aan alsof ik haar al jaren kende. Ik wist meteen dat als er iets mocht gebeuren, ik altijd terug kon vallen op Nicky. Het was gelukkig niet nodig geweest, maar het geeft wel een geruststellend gevoel als er een soort van tweede moeder in Kaapstad woont. Als ik de volgende keer naar Kaapstad zou gaan, zou ik geen gebruik meer maken van Magister omdat je nu simpelweg zelf een netwerk hebt opgebouwd en weet hoe dingen werken. Maar voor alle studenten die voor de eerste keer gaan zou ik het zeer zeker aanraden. Je komt snel met mensen in contact, er worden leuke activiteiten georganiseerd, vervoer vanaf het vliegveld etc. Het bespaart een hele hoop tijd en stress.

»The service from Magister was perfect. Nicky was always able to help with everything. When I was in South Africa I felt safe because I knew that when something would happen, Nicky was always there for me.

»Nicky is absolutely amazing and she was always there for us, whether the issue was positive or negative. She helped us with everything and she is totally awesome. The service was good.  

People and Business Management Students
»Nicky is the best and she was always there when I needed her. Everybody will definitely miss her. Nicky is fantastisch.

»Je kon haar bij wijze van spreken uit bed bellen midden in de nacht als je ergens mee zat. Ook haar wil ik heel erg bedanken voor het regelen van mijn 2e stageplaats. Daarnaast was de huisvesting etc ook heel goed geregeld.

»Beforehand I was wondering if I should pay a conciliation company since you hear a lot of bad stories about them. But Magister is simply great. Nicky van Dyk is one of the most wonderful persons I have ever met, she is always willing to help and you can always reach her. She’s not only for arranging your internship and a house to stay, but she wants your time in South Africa to be great. Besides that she also just likes to talk to you and get to know you.

»Magister heeft huisvesting, stage en vervoer goed geregeld en ik had geregeld contact met Nicky die er ook echt voor mij is geweest en interesse toonde in alle studenten en de dingen die we daar deden en eventueel organiseerden. Ook werden er regelmatig uitstapjes verzocht, maar dat mocht wel wat meer vond ik ook al deden we vanuit ons zelf al genoeg leuke dingen!

»Service of Magister is excellent The service and contact with Magister is really good The service Magister offered was great, the events were very nice! Also Nicky was a heart-warming person who tried her very best for the students.

Group evaluation Feb July 2015